MATERIA and AS HEAVY AS IT GOES is presented at BORA BORA as part of a new circus double bill.                                            The ticket is valid for both performances (2 performances in 1 night for the price of 1 ticket!).

In AS HEAVY AS IT GOES Willem Balduyck and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries are stripping down their circus discipline to the essential, redefining their practice with a little help from a pile of heavy potato-bags. Innovative and humorous. Touching and thought provoking. Who ever thought that 50 minutes of labour could be so enchanting?

Circus Katoen is a Belgian based company with the two artists Willem Balduyck (Belgium) and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries (The Netherlands). They both followed a similar path, starting at a young age learning various circus disciplines. In 2008 they met at the professional circus education ‘Codarts Rotterdam Circus Art’. Although both artists spent a lot of time on specializations (diabolo, handstand and partneracrobatics) they consider themselves more generalist with love for the variety in circus.

MATERIA – A fantasmagoric play with light, wind, body and polystyrene.

Andrea Salustri fuses juggling, object manipulation and dance in his research into the materiality of polysterene. The latter becoming the protagonist – the performer it’s mere servant. In this suggestionizing universe your senses are being challenged: is this a glance into the outer space or a glimpse into the atomic structures of your own body?

Andrea’s interest grows on the edges between juggling, dance and music. Salustri comes from Rome, where he learned contact juggling, fire manipulation and has been working as a street artist.

Strobe lighting will be used during this performance.

Performs at Bora Bora:     

Wednesday 20th March 2019, 7:30 pm 

Thursday 21th March 2019, 7:30 pm


Photo: Darragh McLoughlin

Photo: Geert Roels 

Made and played by: Willem Balduyck and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries
Artistic Coach: Geert Belpaeme
Physical support: Kitt Johnson
Artistic support: Sebastian Kahn
Light design: Kris Van Oudenhove
Staging: Rinus Samyn and Kris Van Oudenhove
Costume: Lorelinde Hoet
Video & Editing: Jakob Rosseel

With this show, Circus Katoen is a laureate of CircusNext 2015/2016, which is a European platform for young talent.

Circus Katoen is supported by the Flemish Government.

Creation and performance: Andrea Salustri
Creative aids: Kalle Nio, Roman Müller, Darragh McLoughlin, Alex Lempert, Ben Richter, Matthias Buhrow
Sound design: Federico Coderoni
Technical director: Michele Piazzi

With support from: CircusNext European Platform coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe and supported by the European Union, Espace Périphérique, La Maison des Jonglages, the residency program of CHAMÄLEON Productions funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Telepart program of the Finnish institute in Germany