Man, matter and creation!

Merging his acrobatic body into 500 kg’s of clay, Quim Girón challenges the borders between man and matter. Mutually shaping and challenging each other’s physicality, grotesque and unexpected creatures arise and fall. You are constantly on the edge of your chair trying to see what is next.

Accompanying him on stage are composer/musician Joan Cot Ros and light designer Joana Serra; executing a highly elaborated score of sound and light.

Quim Girón Figuerola is the founder and artistic director of Animal Religion. His work focuses on the themes of animality, gender, surreal humour and the research for new expressions with circus. Since 2012 the compagny has toured around the the world with different projects and in different spaces from farms, music halls to factory undergrounds –  has been performing around the world in different settings – and Dynamo look forward to welcome them in the FAF – building at Byens Ø. 

Performs at Dynamo Workspace: 

Saturday 30th March, 8 pm


Creation and interpretation: Quim Girón
Sound design: Joan Cot Ros
Light design: Joana Serra
Production: Elclimamola
Administration: Animal Religion

With support from: Fundació La Pedrera and Festival TNT and with the collaboration of SIO-2.