The press wrote about FORUM HUMANUM

One of the best performances Kitt Johnson has ever given us; it’s as simple as that … a multifaceted, seductive, highly intelligent show whose raw keynote themes are constantly twisted in new directions.
Lars Wallenberg, Børsen, Denmark, June 2013

We are witnesses to a constantly explorative nuclear fusion of latent energy charged with the strangest of visions, danced by an impressive  company of performers of whom some are professionals and others amateurs, 52 bodies of all ages and sizes: 52 singularities … Like a vision of hell seen through the eyes of Breugel, or perhaps Jaques Tati … ominously absurd, zanily comical … It would be wrong to call Forum Humanum a dance performance: on very few occasions is there anything we would usually describe as dance. The work is more about everything the human body does before it turns to dance, and indeed everything human beings are pre-language … it is a place of impulse and instinct, but also of play … the bubbling, explosively joyous energy of the performers stays with you long after the final grunt.
Kristian Husted, Politiken, Denmark, June 2014

A magnificent, dark, original dance performance. Forum Humanum succeeds splendidly …well done!
Nanna Goul, Weekendavisen, Denmark, June 2013

The philosophical point Kitt Johnson makes with Forum Humanum is extremely interesting, and it is just as ambiguous and biologically founded as the points she makes in her other works. Her anthropological curiosity is always refreshingly far in advance of any kind of moral stance, and hence she succeeds with unusual clarity in depicting a world without taking any kind of view: she quite simply depicts human beings as living creatures.
Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information, Denmark, June 2013

As we saw in DRIFT, Forum Humanum also shows us the subtle balance between sublimation of instincts through sport or in unleashing them as violence. We see the thrill of battle, rituals and mass hysteria of the world of soccer, but also disconcerting situations involving bullying and group violence … the way the performers use the primeval animal sounds of the human voice is interesting and effective, and in profound harmony with Sture Ericson’s music they provide the show with a splendid aural dimension. In her choreography Kitt Johnson also manages to mix thirteen professional performers with 29 adult bit-players of all ages with great success, and Mogens Kjempff lights the many bodies quite magically.
Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, June 2013

During “May B” (ed.: by Maguy Marin) I frequently picked up powerful associations to Kitt Johnson’s new, thought-provoking ensemble work, “Forum Humanum”, premiered at Dansehallerne in June, which also used its own visual idiom to portray human instincts in undisguised, comical fashion.
Vibeke Wern, Danstidningen, Denmark, autumn 2013

The entire show explored human beings as creatures driven by instinct, and it was chillingly easy to recognize the beast inside us. Survival and reproduction comprised the core, but the layers of comedy and affection banished any feelings of alienation. By the end of the show I was completely hooked, and I’d have happily seen more of this gregarious species, laughed even more, and continued to be deeply moved by the physical exploits on stage
Forbrugermania, CPH Stage, Denmark, June 2013

Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Performers: The Forum Humanum cast