Lymphatic Action

A site-specific walk by Kitt Johnson with the participation of the citizens

Video excerpt

Lymphatic Action is a vessel navigating through the city. A tool for re-opening the lymph flow. A rescue operation designed for the urban sites of the crisis.

A 12-hour walk where Kitt Johnson cares for specific, iconic sites in need of lymphatic attention – at every turn of the hour. Along the way, the audience is invited to participate in the execution of the action, and together we inject small, generous shots of lymphatic flow into the veins of the city.

Let’s assume that man is a piece of nature.
And as such inextricably linked to the planet.

Let’s assume that man is a sub-organism of the planetary body.
And as such, subject to the metabolism of the planet.

Let’s assume that human lymph flows seamlessly with that of the planet.
And thus is in incessant flow with the planetary body.

Let’s then assume that man begins to exhibit dysfunctional behavior, loses the delicate sense of balance.
And thus obstructs the flow and creates planetary imbalance.

Let’s then assume that the planet’s lymphatic body is so stressed that it re-infects its sub-organism..

(The lymphatic system is, broadly speaking, the transport structure of the immune defense mechanism. Its flow is a precondition for the efficiency of the action crack team of this mechanism: The white blood cells. The flow facilitates their locomotion back and forth in the body, as well as it allows new white blood cells to come into action – and old ones to be disposed of. Therefore, the lymph is fundamental to the functioning of the immune defense mechanism).

Lymphatic Action deals with a specific movement practice that stimulates the lymph flow, and which is shared with the residents of the city via the Action.

Watch extract from the Copenhagen live-streaming here.

Lymphatic Action was a part of Wa(l)king Copenhagen, under Metropolis in June 2020.

The Action was performed at the following sites in Copenhagen: Københavns ZOO (zoological garden), Blågårds Plads (densely populated social housing), Rigshospitalet (the main hospital in Copenhagen), De gamles By (resthome and housing for senior citizens), Dannerstiftelsen (refuge for women exposed to violence and their children), Sundheds- og Ældreministeriet (The Ministry of Health), Christiania (autonomous freetown), Københavns Hovedbanegård (Copenhagen Central Station), Vestre Fængsel (prison), Vestre Kirkegård (graveyard), Himmelekspressen (shelter for homeless men) and Stejlepladsen (formerly protected nature area, recently deprived of this status to make room for new construction. The legality of this action is being tried at the European Court of Justice in 2021).

Idea and performance by: Kitt Johnson

Duration: max. 12 hours

Technical rider

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