Open Training

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Where and when?

HOTSTEPPER (previously Dansens Hus)
Hørsholmsgade 20, Entrance A, 1st floor
2200 Copenhagen N

Mondays from 16.00 to 17.30
Wednesdays from 9.30 to 12.00
Fridays from 16.00 to 18.30

In urgent questions please contact the relevant trainer:

Anika K Barkan +45 22 53 95 46

Esther Wrobel +45 31 75 03 09

Kitt Johnson +45 30 32 57 39

Marlene Bonnesen +45 26 14 02 59

Max Wallmeier +45 71 35 11 93

Mireia Serra +45 26 67 87 29

Sebastian Kahr +45 28 72 81 75

Signe Errboe +45 29 71 77 60

Søren Linding Urup +45 29 80 62 34

Tora Balslev +45 22 51 36 76


Open Training is dynamic, powerful training across the floor, accompanied by music. It works every part of the body effectively, strengthening your endurance, mobility, coordination and balance. Awareness of centre, alignment, grounding, breathing, time and space is enhanced. Each session concludes with stretching.

Open training is for anybody who wants to work on increasing awareness of the body. Beginners and professionals alike are welcome – and all levels can benefit from the training.

Open training is a mixture of western dance forms and MB (muscle-bone or mind-body: the physical training component of butoh dancer Min Tanaka’s Body Weather approach).

Open training is taught by a training community consisting of choreographers, dancers and performers. Based on this shared format they each give their individual interpretation.


Start whenever you like and take part as often as you can. Dress so you can move freely. Classes are done in bare or stockinged feet.

New prices starting August 16th 2023
1050,- DKK for a ten-session card (can be used for both the long and the short training – and you are welcome to share the card with a friend!)

Per session 140,- DKK for the long session and 105,- DKK for the short session

(ten-session cards at the old price are no longer for sale, but you can still use your old card for as long as you have “clips” left on it).

(payment only with cash or Mobilepay)