The press wrote about POST NO BILLS

An unidentifiable creature of a woman, a man, an animal or a higher existence. Johnson works with precise, minimalistic, yet expressive movement. The details of the movements and their potential explosiveness makes the atmosphere dense. (…) she shows both the natural human vulnerability as well as the endurance that we have to maintain in the times of crisis.                                        Lucia Šmatláková, MLOKI, CPH STAGE, September 2019. (read the full review here)

Wisdom and strength in a Lapp Tractor hall… Powerful bursts of energy interweave cohesive signals on a minimalist background… An astonishing fierceness is charged in the hands: Kitt Johnson is literally moving faster than what can be captured by the eye.            Tenka Issakainen, Theatre and Dance magazine, Finland, 2019

Johnson’s unique contemporary dance style – precise, minimal and intricate – left me at the edge of my chair…. POST NO BILLS is one of five women-led pieces, presented by Harbourfront Centre Theatre in the series TORQUE. The theme being “Humanity’s will to survive and thrive against conflicting forces”… Johnson certainly embodied that representation!
Ashima Suri, Mooney on Theatre, Toronto, February 2019

(6 out of 6 stars)
What is left, when nothing is left? One possible answer could be great art – art that has the capacity to transform people. I for one feel changed after an hour in the company of Johnson’s new solo which resembles a mile stone in the crisis art of recent years.

With composer Sture Ericson and light designer Mogens Kjempff, Kitt Johnson has created a strong and important work about the human being when there is no human being left, or we have simply lost our humanity. ’Post No Bills’ gives back to the body its fragility, its nudity, and its singularity. The work reminds us that we have become immune to the other’s suffering and pain. Maybe because we have seen too much of it on a screen. Maybe because there is so much of it.
Curing our immunity is a job, an exertion, yes even an ethical challenge. And Kitt Johnson does the job. With outstanding presence, bright spirit and unforgiving discipline…
With POST NO BILLS Kitt Johnson confirms her position as one of a kind on the Danish dance scene.
Kristian Husted, Politiken, Denmark, April 2015

POST NO BILLS is a sort of post-post-trauma performance and adds new dimensions to the institutional criticism of the arte povera movement. With profound strength and bodily discipline, Johnson takes us to place where all human illusions have come to an end, and where existence, without intention but with the instinct of an insect, explores the cracks in the weathered borderland of nothingness.
Maria Ciccia Smidl,, Denmark, April 2015

***** (5 out of 6 stars)
With her new solo »Post no bills«, solo champion Kitt Johnson shows that crisis can lead to fruitful change. For the theme is crisis, as a personal as well as global phenomenon. The message of this very relevant and profound solo is that it’s time to find new paths….

Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, April 2015

Once again Kitt Johnson has embarked on a solo performance. This time a solo that explores how to make a solo out of almost nothing. Crisis, or point zero, has put the seeds to the staging… And transformation itself becomes the dramaturgy of the performance – the creature that is transformed and stripped from clothes, changing from black machine to sparkling skin. Post No Bills reminds us of the human being’s vulnerability, the softness that can be the hardest thng to preserve – especially in limit states and times of crisis.
Mette Garfield, Teater 1, Denmark, April 2015