The press wrote about The Mirror

Kitt knows how to surprise her audience. Through very delicate movements, body control and a strong expressiveness, she creates shapes of higher existence.
Periodico El sol de Hidalgo, Mexico, August 2008

Misshapen figures hover, slither, approach and retreat….an extraordinary journey. Every detail of action, sound, costuming and lighting is meticulously crafted … magnifying intensity.
Hillary Crampton, The Age, Melbourne, Australien, October 2006

A unique bodycontrol and sense of original movements. One of the most spectacular performances of the festival.
Line Adriane Anderssen, Porsgrunns Dagblad, Norge, June 2006

The primal, decadent power of the figure never lets you go. It is the dark side of ourselves that we know too well.
Tobi Tobias, The Village Voice, New York, USA, November 2004

The Mirror is an exquisite sculpture of metamorphoses … challengning perceptions and expectations and even empoying anthropomorphim … surreal and yet familiar, reminiscent of Ernst, Arp, Miro.
Brian McCormic, Gay City News, New York, USA, October 2004

Rare is the choreographer who can say a great deal with very little … Johnson knows how to fashion something original out of Expressionisms distortions of the body … Evoking an enlightened ideal before compressing her body into shriveled mortality: an intense dance, intensely performed.
Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times, USA, October 2004

Magic, disturbing and passionate. Exceeding the state of absolute body control she pierces the question of the identification between the self and the other.
Agnes Benoist, Lyon Figaro, France, September 2004

The Northern dance has cast a spell on Uzés. Kitt Johnson has her own unique style … grace blended with strength. Her solo is impressive, both as fashion and performance art.
Marie-Christine Vernay, Liberation, France, June 2003

… a quietly explosive solo … wonderful stage attack plus superb presence makes The Mirror both a dazzling and self-forgetting experience.
Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden, March 2003

The Mirror is a performance about human beings. Or ways of being. Or perhaps ways of seeing one’s own being… A true performer, Kitt is above all an entertainer. She knows how to surprise her audience…By the most delicate trembling of the chin or lifting the head or pressing the fingers together, she ascends to higher forms of existence, right in front of our eyes…When she disappears…it was like waking up from a dream you dearly wished would never end.
Anne Middelboe Christensen, Ballettanz, August-September 2002

It is dance absolutely in a class of its own. Kitt Johnson’s ease of expression and body control are nothing less than sublime. She can undulate her fingers as though they were sea anemones, raise a leg into the air like an ancient deep-sea organism or twirl herself in cloth like a dying mermaid. She can hover resembling a ghost-like old fossil with white matchstick legs folded out like a nearly invisible undercarriage. Or she can look like a little girl playing, an alluring rococo maiden, a depraved diva, or death itself. In ’The Mirror’ the micro-cosmos is, so to say, mirrored in the macro-cosmos…a very beautiful visual poem.
Majbritt Hjelmsbo, Weekendavisen, Denmark, April 2002

Kitt Johnson is, in every way, unique in Danish dance theatre….due to her solo performances. These demand a lot from her audience but they also give an extraordinary beauty in return.
Henrik Lyding, Jyllandsposten, Denmark, April 2002

The Mirror is a rousing performance with an intense cooperation between the visual and the audio in the most sublime surroundings one has ever seen her move.
Charlotte Christensen, Information, Denmark, April 2002

Kitt Johnson bewitches eye and mind with her physical picture transformations.
Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, April 2002

Kitt Johnson is a loner, a black hole of concentration absorbing attention.
Janus Kodal, Politiken, Denmark, April 2002

Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Performer: Kitt Johnson