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28th June-2nd July 2022
MELLEMRUM Workshop at Mapas Fest, Lanzarote

THE SEASON OF 2021/22:

SYNTHESIS in Athens (October 2021), the new circus festival C!CAF in Den Grå Hal (March 2022), MELLEMRUM Roskilde at SWOP Festival 2022 – and lots and lots of touring activities at home and abroad with the children’s performance Spoiiiiiiiiing!

Check out our calendar for information about previous and upcoming projects.

We hope to see you out there!

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Open Training is still going on in our studio in Struenseegade! Don’t be afraid: Come as you are! We are looking forward to be training with you!

See the updated schedule on our website here. And you are always very welcome to follow Open Training on facebook!



Photos/slideshow: Per Morten Abrahamsen, Joachim Ladefoged, Martin Tulinius, Michal Hancovský
Performers: Kitt Johnson, Itzik Gabay, Nadine Milzner, the Forum Humanum team, Mette Aakjær