Tour repertoire:

DRIFT or drive
The Mirror

Site-specific solo:
Mellemrum #1

Children’s performance:
The Magical Sound Circus


Complete list of performances and festivals:

STAFET, group performance, premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6 February

POST NO BILLS, solo, premiere at Halmlageret, Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 April

MELLEMRUMsydhavnen, site-specific festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, May

FORUM HUMANUM, mass group work, premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8 June

Here, staging of mini site-specific festival and solo by the same title, co-production with Macao Cultural Centre, Macao, 12-30 October

Mellemrum Vesterbro, site-specific festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-27 May

Complaints Choir, group performance, premiere at the festival Mellemrum Vesterbro, Denmark, 10-13 May

DRIFT or drive, solo, premiere at Københavns Musikteater, Denmark, 15 April

The Magical Sound Circus, children’s  performance, premiere at Festival 2011 for Børn og Unge, Randers, Denmark, 5 April

Mellemrum Nørrebro, site-specific festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 13-30 May

Mellemrum #2, site-specific solo, premiere at the festival Mellemrum Nørrebro, Denmark, 13 May

PanCreas, international festival exploring the anatomical in performing arts, arr. by Kitt Johnson X-act, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15-25 April, and Aarhus, Denmark, 27 April-6 May.

Mellemrum Indre By (Inner City), site-specific festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 May – 1 June

Mellemrum #1, site-specific solo, premiere at the festival Mellemrum Indre By, Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 May

Twinn, solo, co-production with and premiere at the Bellones Brigitinnes, Brussels, Belgium, 28 August

Aber Dabei, premiere at KFUM huset, Copenhagen, Denmark, 19 April

Passage, choreography for soloist Anneke Lönnroth, commissioned work for NoKo, premiere at Ooppera, Helsinki, Finland, 19 May

Palimpsest, group work, premiere at Kaleodiskop K2, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 February

En Route, site-specific performance, commissioned work, L’Opéra de Lille, France, 1 October

Rankefod, solo, premiere at Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark, 13 April

The Lemonkeepers, group work, premiere at Dansescenen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17 February

Aortas Partitur, group work, premiere at Dansescenen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 24 May

The Mirror, solo, premiere at Asisstens Kirkegårdens Kapel, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17 April

En Verden af Stemmer, site-specific solo for the opening of the Waves festival, commissioned work for Cantabile 2, Vordingborg, Denmark,  18 August

Salon Europa, video dance and photo in collaboration with visual artist Elke Siml, Provinz Europa, Cordoba, 24 October

farven tid, group work in collaboration with writer/performer Theofanis K. Melàs, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 September

Rastplatz 2000 EXPO, choreography and dance in collaboration with visual artist Elke Siml, Provinz Europa, Hannover, 3 July

The Hidden Code, choreography and dance in collaboration with visual artist Elke Siml, Provinz Europa, Schwerin, 6 may

Kun kort tid, choreography for 4 male dancers in collaboration with 4 other female choreographers, produced by the company Ad Hoc, premiere at Dansescenen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 13 January

Tale til Natten, choreography for dancer Lisbeth Klixbüll during Singles ’99, commissioned work for Åben Dans, at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark, 26 – 28 November

Stigma, solo, co-production with Åben Dans, premiere at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark, 12 November

RETTET UNSEREN SEELEN, choreography and dance in collaboration with visual artist Elke Siml, premiere at Provinz Europa, Schwerin, 30 June

Skyggefang, group work, premiere at Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, Denmark, 18 May

EPI PHA NIC VI & VII, solos, premiere at Alien Butoh Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 1 October

ABGLANZ, site-specific solo, commissioned work for Deutches Bahn, premiere at Plüschow, Germany, 28 June

EPI PHA NIC VI, solo, premiere at Mostra de Danca da Guarda, Portugal, 12 May

EPI PHA NIC V, solo, premiere at Snia, Rome, 18 September

Bruddet, solo, commissioned work for TRANSFORM 4, Boesdal Kalkbrud, Stevns, Denmark, 16 August

EPI PHA NIC IV, solo, premiere at Vestjyllands Højskole, Ringkøbing, Denmark, 27 July

EPI PHA NIC III, solo, premiere at Jucksan International Art Festival, South Korea, 5 June

EPI PHA NIC II, solo, premiere at the festival Dansedage, MBT-Scenen, Aarhus, Denmark, 27 May

EPI PHA NIC I, solo, premiere at Taegu Culture & Art Center, South Korea, 5 April

KA GU LA, solo, commissioned work for Michiko Acao, premiere in Tokyo, Japan, 21 November

Transform 3 – Dancing City, group work, commissioned work for KIT, premiere at Bellahøj Vandtårn (water tower), Copenhagen, Denmark, August

SorgSang, solo, commissioned work for Birgitte Ahlsted, premiere at Vor Frelser Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark

Immemorial, solo, premiere at “Junge Hunde” Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, December

Transform 2, group work, commissioned by Transform, at Bispebuen, Copenhagen, Denmark, August

Topographia, solo, premiere at Smedien, Pakhus 11, Copenhagen, Denmark, March

Færgen Kronborg, site-specific choregraphies with children and adults, Lisboa and Copenhagen, Denmark

Transform 1, site-specific group work, commissioned for Dancing City, Helgoland, Copenhagen, Denmark, June

Tutti Frutti, solo, premiere at Dancelab, Copenhagen, Denmark, Winter

Yellow Fever, solo, premiere at 5th International Contact Improvisation Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

Akt Stykker, solo, Denmark

Ex-it, site-specific group work, Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark, Spring

Yellow Passage, site-specific group work, Kunstakademiet, Copenhagen, Denmark, Fall

Fodring Forbudt, street theatre during Dancing City, Copenhagen, Denmark, Summer


Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Performer: Kitt Johnson