MELLEMRUM is a tribute to the walk and the locality.

Walking is an archaic practice. A basic means of transportation, universal to all times and cultures.

We walked out of Africa – we still migrate walking.

MELLEMRUM is a carefully designed walk in a specific area. A walk that involves a series of performances/interactions created by local, national or international artists and in close dialogue with the specific locality and community.


MELLEMRUM is travelling around the world. So far, we have walked in:

Roskilde 2022

Graz 2020

Tainan 2019

Rudkøbing 2018

Moss 2016

Andros 2016

Macao 2015

Budapest 2015

Sri Lanka 2015

Copenhagen, Sydhavnen 2014

Copenhagen, Vesterbro 2012

Macao 2011-12

Zagreb 2011

Copenhagen, Holmen 2011

Copenhagen, Nørrebro 2010

Athens, Keramikos/Thesio 2009

Copenhagen, Indre By 2008


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Each edition is curated in close collaboration by a local partner and Kitt Johnson, and comes to life through the mapping method developed by Kitt Johnson: THE WALK – THE TALK – THE ARCHIVE DIVE.

With MELLEMRUM we hope to give both the audience and local residents a chance to experience their surroundings through a performative lens – and the possibly to rediscover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Kitt Johnson tells more about her site-specific work in this article, published in KIT’s ‘Changing Metropolis III’ (June, 2016).

Photo: From the MELLEMRUM encounter festival ‘OFF SITE’, created in collaboration between the choreographers Candy Cook and Kitt Johnson, Macao 2015. Photographer: Ao Ieon Mike. 
Performer: Candy Kuok

*In German ‘MELLEMRUM’ means Zwischenraum. In English it does not exist as one word but would be something like “the space between spaces”.