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A passionate, fascinating and uncompromising 80 minute rollercoaster that will entertain and provoke…
Pete Streader, The Copenhagen Post, June 2013

FORUM HUMANUM is a mass performance with 52 bodies on stage (13 professional dancers and 39 extras).

FORUM HUMANUM constitutes the second and last part of Kitt Johnson X-act’s exploration of the human being as a creature of instinctive drives. The first part is the critically acclaimed solo performance DRIFT or drive, which received the Award for most original exploration into one of the segments of theatrical language at INFANT festival in Novi Sad, June 2013, and was nominated for the prestigious Reumert for Dance Performance of the Year 2012, as well as the award Teaterpokalen in 2011.

Whereas DRIFT or drive focuses on the human being alone, FORUM HUMANUM deals with the herd animal in all of us:

We act in large numbers and crowds, alone or separately. We step into and out of the Human Sea. Swallowed up and whirled around, we manoeuvre ourselves back into the friction between them, us and I. We group ourselves into clans and clubs, nations and networks, before we let ourselves get swallowed up again. Meanwhile, we pursue our needs dictated by drives. If satisfaction is obstructed, the choice is between aggression, sublimation or repression. The codex of the crowd against the demands of biology.
– Kitt Johnson

FORUM HUMANUM premiered at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen 8th of June 2013.

Choreography/staging: Kitt Johnson
Sture Ericson
Light designer: Mogens Kjempff
Costume designer: Charlotte Østergaard
Choreographic assistant: Alexandre Bourdat
Devising ensemble: Andreas Constantinou Antoinette Helbing César García Carina Raffel Emma-Cecilia Ajanki Felipe Salazar Jan Vesala Jean-Hughes Miredin Marek Magierecki Mette Aakjær Sonja Øien Salkowitch Troels Hagen Findsen Angela Herenda de Kroo
Extras: Allan Hansen Anna Eskelund Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder Birgitte Skands Birk Horst Carlos Romao Carmel Ennis Christian Sprange Erik Antonsen Grazia Weis Levi Jannick Kirk Sørensen Jens Elvekjær Klæbel Johanna Malene Geiger John Voxfort Kirsten Hald Kirstine Marie Fabricius Kaare P Johannesen Lars Christian Feit Andersen Lea Vendelbo Petersen Lise Aagaard Knudsen Louise Jørgensen Louise Lund Gade Mai Thorn Marianne Kirk Mette Aalund Olsen Mie-Miriam Kongstad Otto Kietz Peter Hunter Samuel Frederik Iwersen Shahbaz Sarwar Shuli Nordbek Azoulay Sofia Rose Eberl Smed Stefan Dolezal Thomas Sørensen

Duration: approx. 80 min. – no interval

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Produced by Kitt Johnson X-act with the support of The Danish Arts Council, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, BikubenFonden, Augustinus Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Toyota-Fonden, Overretssagfører L. Zeuthens Mindelegat and Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond

Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Performers: See list of performers above