Moss, Østfold, Norway 2016

MELLEMRUM Moss was realized in collaboration with James Moore, visual artist and project leader at the Kulturhusnettverk in Østfold, Norway. Moore is also a member of IN SITU, a European network of organisations creating art in public space. This network chose Kitt Johnson as the Danish IN SITU artist of season 2015-16, a position which among other things has led to this collaboration in Østfold.

The Østfold project consisted of 4 phases in 2015 and 2016:

1) September 2015: Kitt Johnson participated in a 5-day IN SITU conference in Østfold, where she presented a lecture alongside a number of other lecturers from around Europe.
2) October 2015: Kitt Johnson had 5 days of research in Østfold as preparation for phase 3-4.
3) May 2016: Kitt Johnson led a 2-week lab in Østfold with local Norwegian as well as Danish and/or Swedish artists, 6 in all.
4) September 2016: Presentation of the festival resulting from the above work, with site-specific performances by all artists involved.

Watch the video from MELLEMRUM Moss here!

Photos: Yaniv Cohen