MELLEMRUM press quotes


The consciousness is temporarily suspended, the senses are fully opened instinctively in an unfamiliar environment, the disturbance of the wind, the temperature of the light, and the fresh smell in the market… Very intense, especially in the time of the wolf dogs… the street lights are on…. creating a magic moment.” – Liang, Jia-Qi, Tainan Arts Festival, facebook, 20/11 – 19


“We walk around quietly, sniffing, seeing, sensing…. Through private gardens, into homes and courtyards, we come across people we would otherwise never have noticed, we hear about lives we would never have heard of… MELLEMRUM deserves five full stars for guiding me through my town, through spaces and paths I have never known, despite my 37 years in the same zip code district… Subtle, cunning and beautiful.” – Iben Friis Jensen, Fyens Stiftidende, 17/6 – 18

MOSS 2016

”… the hunt for the unknown opens up all our senses and without us noticing, the realistic surroundings merge into the artistic expression. Suddenly all houses and streets are part of the art – ourselves too, as a moving audience. We do not observe the artistic space, we participate in it… the journey is unique, spontaneous and very alive.” – Stian Omenås, audience member, Moss, 20/9 – 16.

MACAO 2015

“Kitt Johnson returned this year to Macau to act in OFF/SITE Festival 2015 and bring to the Iao Hon community an artistic intervention which involved an urban stroll through the less touristy, but densely populated neighborhood in the north. With both surprise and laughter, the audience as well as some stunned community members participated enthusiastically in the action, which involved a garbage collection and moments of reflection – physical and intellectual work are always associated in the work of the choreographer. After finishing a route through the neighborhood, the members of the public, lying on the ground in a corner of the Iao Hon, were invited to distract themselves from the sound of motorbikes and buses by the recorded voice of Kitt Johnson, invoking an almost imaginary time when the territory was inhabited only by nature.” – Cláudia Aranda, journalist, Ponto Final, Macao, 2015

“The guides lead a group of 20 audiences to travel around the northern district for 2 hours.  There was no stage lighting or car-park provided, but the experience was unique and surprising.  I was happy that I did not miss this “real” site-specific performance and artists of Macao.  Even Kitt, a foreign artist, demonstrated a feeling and reaction about Macao so precise and exact. Beautiful images, exquisite choreography, well-trained body and skill: She was the old cardboard lady looking at the display window of a jewelry shop; or the woman without feet from the beginning, who eventually got rooted into the land and became part of the migrant neighbors, eating and laughing with them; Or the migrant worker who was submerged in advertisement boards outside the construction sites of an expensive apartment, looking to the opposite side shore. Without much language and without extravagant scenery, they reminded the audience to see by themselves the forgotten corners of Macao, voicing out their concern for the hidden social problems that are not faced by the general public of Macao.” – Teresa Lam, Theater director, performer, Facebook, 2015

“… Kitt’s performance is a work beyond the performance itself. Her existence becomes a realistic part of the community… Kitt has chosen the most ordinary spots on the street to perform.  She played the role of a cardboard rag picker and instructed the audience to pick up the garbage they found on the street. When they arrived at a crossroad, the audience was given a cardboard each, lying down, relaxing on the pavement of the street, and feeling the calmness.  This is supposed to be the most ordinary thing in daily life, but since Macao is a city with too much noise, people could hardly feel it in their daily life. Kitt’s work reminded us of what we should pay attention to.” – Oxmagazine, 2015


“Not shying away from political commentary, the PLACCC Festival’s miniature (dance) productions were a part of a refreshing and pleasant walk through urban Budapest. Art was all around us – on land, in water and sky.” – KRÁLL Csaba: “Mi a Hézag?, Revizor Online,

MELLEMRUM biennale 2014

*****”It’s possible that I don’t follow the small or big news or know whats going on in the world of sports among other things, but I always know, when Kitt Johnson puts yet another Copenhagen neighbourhood through a performative site-specific interpretation…. the 5 “manhole covers” are given for a wonderful revisit, for the tireless approach to the city’s neglected spaces, for the uncovering of the stories and the charming city walk it always ends up being.” – Thor Kristjan Kidmose,, 2014

MELLEMRUM biennale 2012

“Best Right Now” (Politikkens Weekly Recommendations) “This alternative guided urban walk uses performance as a liberating and oblique way of opening up the city’s spaces and residents.” – Monna Dithmer, Politikken 2012

“Don’t waste your weekend on trivialities and garden work only – grab your girlfriend and throw a little small change after this experience”. – Thor Kristjan Kidmose,, 2012

MELLEMRUM biennale, 2010

“With all her charisma, Kitt Johnson took the role as gardener of the everyday and eternity, and as the curator of MELLEMRUM she plants other images of the city in the minds and bodies of the spectators. We got a lot further than any other politically correct slumming trip…Well done Mellemrum and Nørrebro.” – Monna Dithmer, Politiken, 2010, Denmark

MELLEMRUM biennale, 2008

“The choreographer Kitt Johnson has had an excellent idea! With her background in site specific work, she has invited eight Danish and foreign colleagues to give their unusual versions of the urban experience.” – Monna Dithmer, Politiken, 2008, Denmark

(Background photo: From MELLEMRUM Macao 2015 / Photo: Ao Ieong Mike)