Workshop photos

From workshop: SITE-SPECIFIC WORK IN PUBLIC SPACE, by and with Kitt Johnson, arranged by MERGE NORGE in collaboration with Østfold Internasjonale Teater and OppNed Sirkus, Fredrikstad, November 2023.
Photographers: Troels R. Fuglsang and James Moore.

From circusnext Lab by Kitt Johnson, October 2023.
Photos: Jean-Léo Bost.

From workshop: The Site-Specific Challenge in Copenhagen, 2023, with Dansehallerne.
Photo: Alvilda Faber Striim, Caroline Blomqvist and Signe Errboe.

From workshop in Graz, in relations to MELLEMRUM at La Strada Festival 2020
Photo: Festival La Strada Graz_foto.hauer

From workshop / Open Training in Macao, Soda-City Experimental Workshop, 2019
Fotographer: Os Wei

From workshop in Singapore, during M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival, 2019
Fotographer: Malcolm Fu

From workshop in Canada, during Older & Reckless Festival in Toronto, 2018.
Photographer: Francesca Chudnoff.

Nulty bod 2015 - workshopy - tisk (57 of 343)

Nulty bod 2015 - workshopy - tisk (45 of 343)

Nulty bod 2015 - workshopy - tisk (52 of 343)

From workshop in Prague, 2015.
Source: Archive, Performance Arts for the Future, Prague.
Photographer: Michal Hancovský.





From workshop at AFUK, Copenhagen, 2014.
Photographer: Andreas Bergmann.