Copenhagen, biennale, 2008-2014
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Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2015
This encounter was commissioned by Copenhagen International Theatre (KIT) as part of the Metropolis Festival, under the title  ’12’. The project was realised in collaboration between Kitt Johnson, visual artist Annette Skov, musician Sture Ericson, and 12 young performers from across Europe. With Kitt as the overall director, the performers created individual scenes that came together as a choreographic epos for and with Refshaleøen, formerly home to the B&W shipyard, now left there as a historical witness to the industrial era right in the middle of endless landscapes, wilderness and an imposing panorama.

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2011
The project was implemented in an ‘educational’ format during Culture Night 2011, in collaboration with students of contemporary dance at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.



Østfold, Norway, September 2015 – May 2016 – September 2016
The project was realised in collaboration with James Moore, visual artist and project leader at the Kulturhusnettverk in Østfold, Norway. Moore is also a member of IN SITU, a European network of organisations creating art in public space – this network  chose Kitt Johnson as the Danish IN SITU artist of season 2015-16, a position which among other things has led to this collaboration in Østfold. See more here.
The Østfold project consisted of 4 phases in 2015 and 2016:
1) September 2015: Kitt Johnson participated in a 5-day IN SITU conference in Østfold, where she presented a lecture alongside a number of other lecturers from around Europe.
2) October 2015: Kitt Johnson had 5 days of research in Østfold as preparation for phase 3-4.
3) May 2016: Kitt Johnson led a 2-week lab in Østfold with local Norwegian as well as Danish and/or Swedish artists, 6 in all.
4) September 2016: Presentation of the festival resulting from the above work, with site-specific performances by all artists involved.

Andros, Greece, September 2016
The project was realised in collaboration with Irini Drakou, actress, artistic co-director of the theatre group APSIKA in Greece and co-founder of the performing arts camp AILA Cooperativa, an artistic collective and research center in the island of Andros. Here the MELLEMRUM encounter concept was implemented in a lab format.

Macao, China, November 2015
The project was realised together with Candy Cuok, choreographer and artistic director of the site-specific festival OFF-SITE in Macao. This encounter began with Kitt’s residency in Macao in October 2014, where she gave a workshop and helped curate 6 local artists. In October-November 2015, she stayed in Macao again for 4 weeks, implementing the final phase consisting of intensive work towards the presentation of the OFF-SITE festival 2015 with works by the 6 selected local artists, as well as creating a new work herself for the festival.
The project sprang from Kitt Johnson’s recent MELLEMRUM encounter project at Macao Cultural Centre in 2011-12, where Candy Cuok participated as one of a number of young local artists and went on to establish the OFF-SITE festival.

Budapest, Hungary, September 2015

The project was realised in collaboration with Fanni Nánay, artistic director of PLACCC International Festival of Site-specific Art and Art in Public Space in Hungary. Here the MELLEMRUM encounter concept was implemented in a lab format, concluding with presentations of the local artists’ site-specific performances. This project was also a direct result of Kitt Johnson’s appointment as Danish IN SITU artist of this year.
Godandugoda, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, January – February 2015
The project was realised in collaboration with Neil Butler fra UZ Arts, UK, during a 6-week residency at the Sura Medura centre on the Hikkaduwa coast of Sri Lanka. Together with local residents of the village of Godandugoda, Kitt Johnson created a guided walk under the title of ’Shramadane tour’.

Macao, China, 2011-13
The project was realised in collaboration with Macao Cultural Centre and implemented during 3 encounters in Macao and Copenhagen in 2011-2013. The project has furthermore led to the establishment of the artist-driven site-specific festival OFF-SITE in Macao.

Zagreb, Croatia, September 2011
The project was realised in collaboration with Sonia Pregrad, artistic director of the festival ”How to stir the Neighbourhood”.

Athens, Greece, Nov-Dec 2009
The project was realised in collaboration with Froso Trousa, artistic director of the festival “Arc-dance”.


Photo: LO