Aortas Partitur

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Aortas Partitur is an ensemble work for five female performers, and the first part of Kitt Johnon’s anatomical trilogy (the two other parts being Palimpsest 2006 and Rankefod 2005).

Aortas Partitur is an audio-kinetic picture-tour through the body’s inner landscapes. An orchestration of the multifarious voices of organs, fluids and bones; an audio evocation of the anatomical resonant space plus a physical manifestation of the pictorial material which spontaneously unfolds on contact with specific parts of the body. Inspired by Noh-theater’s philosophy about the ancient body of the human body; this architecture of bones, flesh, and fluids which – contained within the holster of the skin – constitutes our fundamental archetypical heritage.

Aortas Partitur premiered at Dansescenen in May 2003.

Idea, staging and choreography: Kitt Johnson
Devising ensemble: Nadine Milzner, Mette Aakjær, Mari Mägi, Anne-Claire Theissen (in the 2009 version replaced by Louise Hyun Dahl), Susan Gritzman (in the 2009 version replaced by Esther Wrobel)
Composer: Sture Ericson
Light design: Mogens Kjempff
Costume design: Charlotte Østergaard

Duration: 60 min.

Touring history

Produced by Kitt Johnson X-act with the support of the Danish Arts Council, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Tuborgfondet and Dansk Musiker Forbund.

Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Performers: Nadine Milzner and the rest of the original cast from 2003