Pressen skrev om Aber Dabei

‘Aber Dabei is a flirt with the New Circus genre in a mix of poetry and physically equilibristic gags… absurd and humorous. The musician Sture Ericson creates a good mood… and elegant is Gustavssons play, a lovely performer.
Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, April 2007

Like a game, the poetic performance ‘Aber Dabei’ fascinates and captivates, when the Swedish performer and juggler Samuel Gustavsson enters into a romantic relationship with the books, the written word and the things. The audio-universe is created live by Sture Ericson, which in itself is a stunning experience, as he produces sounds from instruments with obvious whimsy.
Karen Toftegaard, Byen Kalder, Denmark, April 2007

The face gives him away. But Gustavsson manages it with enough slapstick charm that it is hilarious to watch. He is a juggler, magician, dancer and clown in a single humorous figure.
Janus Kodal, Politiken, Denmark, April 2007

Aber Dabei is an intense distortion performance about the scientist’s battle with the stacks of books… Gustavsson has a wild ability to turn up and down his body tempo… a top comedian with intensity in every muscle and tendon. The performance works the best in the interplay with the musician Sture Ericson, who with scratching and radiospheric sounds creates a constant insecurity around Gustavsson’s perfectionistic performer figure, who is forced to act – and to spread his wings wide.
Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information, Denmark, April 2007

Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Performer: Samuel Gustavsson