The Site-Specific Challenge

This laboratory is based on our work with the site-specific concept MELLEMRUM (Site-specific understood as art created with and for non-conventional art spaces). A concept we have been working with since 2008. ,

With point of departure in the specific mapping practice that has been developed for MELLEMRUM : THE WALK, THE TALK, THE ARCHIVE DIVE, we will develop concepts, drafts and strategies for works, that specifically relate to a given area. We will discuss the ethical responsibility related to the creation and presentation of art in non-conventional art spaces. We will work with actual, as well as fictive spaces, and basic phenomenological mapping. We will let ourselves be moved by the space. We will challenge it. We will shift it around and bring it into new contexts. Indoors, as well as outdoors.

All types of formats are welcome! In the last phase of the workshop the drafts will be presented and jointly discussed. Additional, we will investigate different aspects of the drafts through specific tasks.

The workshop is directed at performing- and visual artists, and others who are curious of the site specific.

Photo: Cathy Peylan
Performer: Kitt Johnson